How We Started and Who We Are Today

The Music for All Alliance (MFAA) emerged in fall 2011, where people and organizations involved with music outreach programs gathered to talk about ways to make their programs available to a wider group of youth and families.

Today the MFAA is a member-based volunteer network of agencies, educators, musicians and community groups along with government representatives who collaborate to make music outreach programs available to all Manitobans.

All Manitoba music organizations, performers and community groups who provide accessible music outreach can participate as members and promote their events.


Here are some early successes we are really proud of…

  • received funding from Manitoba Education and Training for organizational development, professional development, and the Music For All Alliance website
  • secured funding for the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts to provide violin and guitar lessons at William Whyte and Strathcona schools
  • leveraged funds to R.B. Russell School for their performing arts programs
  • connected the Winnipeg Folk Festival Musical Mentors Program to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg and Immigrant Refugee Community of Manitoba
  • assisted the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts extend music bursaries to participants of the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s Musical Mentors program
  • found new homes for donated instruments after receiving many calls and referrals from organizations/community members
  • helped the West End Cultural Centre connect with music instructors through Winnipeg Folk Festival and Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Art