Rossbrook House Music Program

Rossbrook House


Offers youth a safe alternative to the streets 365 days a year providing a range of educational, recreational, cultural and pre-employment activities that empower youth and build their self-esteem.

About The Program

The Rossbrook House Music Program is a creative forum for youth in our community. Young people can express themselves in many mediums that all share the common root of music. These mediums and activities include: Playing guitar, drums, and keyboards Singing and song writing Creating sound tracks with specially designed software Scratchin' to create dance and rap music on dual turntables Rappin' to express the beat and the feelings of the street Composing 'spoken word' - setting personal poetry to music Creating CDs of their own musical creations The music program operates on Monday and Wednesday evenings. It is led by a contracted Music Coordinator and Assistants as well as some dedicated volunteers.

Who Is Eligible?

Selected youth from Rossbrook House and their associated school programs: Wi Wabogoni, Eagle Circle, Rising Sun.

Where Can You Find It?

Rossbrook House

Address: 658 Ross Ave., Wpg., MB, R3A 0M1

Wi Wabogoni School, Eagle Circle School,

Who Can You Contact?

Kerry Miller

Phone: 204-949-4099

Who Supports This?

United Way

Manitoba Conservatory for Music and Art