Music in Day Care Program

Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association


Offers an introduction to music education for early childhood education centres in Winnipeg.

About The Program

Music in Daycare uses a curriculum called "Musiktanz" written by Verna Ross and Dr. Lorna Heyge. Through the lesson children experience emotional releases by participating in musical activities such as singing, finger play, chanting, tapping rhythm patterns, creative movements, sound recognition and much more! These programs are much needed to achieve social skills that focus on both the fine and gross motor skills through participation in these activities. Success is evident as these children prove to have better pitch in singing, are more creative, and are more skilled in pattern arranging and most of all more confident.

Who Is Eligible?

Children in selected Winnipeg innercity daycares

Who Does it Impact?

The Music in Daycare Program provides a ten month music education program to 23 inner city day care centres in Winnipeg. In addition, it funds Music Therapy sessions to 9 local schools and agencies.

Where Can You Find It?

Who Can You Contact?

Glory St. Germain

Address: Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association, 57 Henday Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3K 0S4

Phone: 204 832-3800

Who Supports This?