Status 4 Music Program


Status4 is a community driven non-profit organization that uses music and media arts to provide inspiration, information and opportunity to help youths make better choices that will develop a healthy and safe future. Status4 programming includes access to other community outreach programs and strengths a community of resource supports for at-risk and underprivileged youth. Our on-location services will be expanding to offer an online Status4 community and National network which will include participation of the Aboriginal and Northern communities that seek to: Build a community of resource supports for at-risk and underprivileged youth. This will include on-location services, as well as the development of an online Status4 community and National network which will include participation Aboriginal and Northern communities. Provide opportunities for youth to interact with successful professionals in the community in order to discover new possibilities for their own life path Develop and nurture youth leaders who can become positive role models for others in their community To provide an outreach hub for other community groups serving youth to increase overall uptake of all valuable programs targeted at community youth.

About The Program

Status4 offers instruction and mentorship in, guitar, percussion, dance, voice, recording/ song writing/video production, keyboards and even martial arts with our Taekwondo making Status4 a unique and exciting experience. Guitar Lessons - Status4 gives an opportunity for young people in the community to learn guitar under qualified and well experienced guitar instructors. This program will develop the students teaching them to play by ear, sight read music and eventually improvise on their own. Status4 provides a quality studio and equipment for the students such as guitars, music stands, sound system and other tools that students need in order to achieve their goal. Drums - Learning to drum at Status4 is an exciting and fun experience. Our students will learn numerous drumming styles found all over the world including Caribbean, Latino, African, Cuban, and more. In the midst of every lesson, not only are students learning about rhythm and music but also about the discipline of learning something new. Our goal is to provide a unique and fun program while at the same time teaching the importance of hard work. At the end of every drumming class, we make sure that students not only learn how to drum but also develop in communicating since they work in a group. Recording Studio - Status4 recording program gives talented young people a great opportunity to be mentored and recorded by professional producers that are a part of the Status4 team. Since we are living in a world of ever-advancing technology, recording and home studios have become available to younger and growing artists. There’s no longer any need to pay top dollar for a great recording. Status4 has made it possible for those who aren’t able to get their hands on the right equipment to have their music come to life with our recording studio. Young artists within the community will have a chance to work with experience producers. Selected students from our programs will have an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of studio recording and develop their talent with the guidance of our instructors and producers. Link to volunteers and instructors:

Who Is Eligible?

Youth ages? Just from the Elmwood area?

Who Does it Impact?

Link to videos: Link to photos: While there is many established community resource and social services designed to support young people, many never make this valuable connection due to misconceived barriers. So many young people who could benefit from outreach support unfortunately never make this valuable connection as many feel worlds apart while hesitating to make the first introduction. Instead of seeking out support found in the more traditional forms of public services, many youth are instead turning to forms of media and music for comfort and as an escape from the variety of challenges that life presents. Status4 believes strongly in the value and support of existing outreach services, and will bridge the gap between young people and service providers on the common ground both already share, that being music and the arts.

Where Can You Find It?

Status4 HQ

Address: East End Culture & Leisure Centre, 575 Larsen Ave, Winnipeg

Who Can You Contact?

Constable Kevin Lee Gibson

Address: Winnipeg Police Service


Who Supports This?

This dream was made possible with partnerships and support from Municipal and Provincial Governments, The City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, as well as generous corporate contributions and community support.