Lighthouses Hip Hop Academy

Broadway Neighbourhood Centre


Youth program that provides instruction in hip hop music in an activity-based framework encouraging social responsibility and healthy lifestyle. The program offers education in instrumentals, song writing, music and video production, and mentorship with professional hip hop artists

About The Program

This program operates within the Centre and is funded by Manitoba Justice. The intent is to provide activity-based programs for youth which are aimed at encouraging social responsibility, safe, productive and healthy lifestyle choices. Hip Hop Academy has received a lot of media attention and has been covered by CBC radio, CBC news, CTV news, Winnipeg Sun and the Winnipeg Free Press. Participants have performed their creations at high profile events such as United Way fundraisers, Folklorama and many other festivals throughout the year. This program provides youth a means to produce instrumentals, song writing and recording songs in a safe, friendly environment under the direction and instruction from professional recording artists, producers and audio engineers.

Who Is Eligible?

Youth ages 9-15

Where Can You Find It?

Broadway Neighbourhood Centre

Address: 185 Young Street,, Winnipeg MB

The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) Inc. is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing the highest quality recreational, social, health, educational, and employment training programs and services to all ages. The primary focus of the Centre is the local neighbourhood and the Centre responds to the issues, needs and strengths of the neighbourhood through specialized, flexible and innovative solutions.
Phone: 204-772-9253

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