Sound Lab Manitoba

Sound Lab Manitoba

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A music program which serves rural Manitoba communities. Sound Lab Manitoba is an all inclusive, all ages program. South east Manitoba towns. Workshops, lessons, jams, outreach Music production, workshops, demonstrations, open mics, performance, rural manitoba, rural music lessons, we are also mobile.

About The Program

Sound Lab Manitoba is a music program, which has been created to bring all things music to rural communities in Manitoba.

Sound Lab Manitoba also hosts workshops in these small communities by bringing Manitoba music Talents to them.

Our main objective is to provide underserved communities with similar programs which are only accessible in bigger cities.

If we can accommodate these small towns in the same way that larger urban centers do, we can give a head start in to music making for those who desire it, and limit time spent away from home and communities by keeping services local. The bond between music makers in these communities will be stronger and help to build great unity among small rural towns.  Manitoba talent will be employed and encouraged to bring their wealth of knowledge and creativity into these rural communities.

We want to give young people an opportunity to learn and play musical instruments, create local bands, performances and connect them to educators in their regions, also allowing for those who wish to have careers in music a direct opportunity to become mentors for those still learning.

My name is Season Kirkwood, founder and creator of Sound Lab Manitoba, a mobile music program.

I have 25 years of music and art experience, I am developing the programs based on need and filling the gaps currently present in these small communities. My goal is to be make all things music accessible, entertaining and inspiring to those who desperatly want access to music and music making.

Beyond the teaching and facilitating those who want to learn to play musical instruments, I am also opening door and giving participants an opportunity to meet and learn from Musicians, Djs, Producers, A/V techs, Pro Sound, and live performances through various workshops we are currently setting up for our 2018 calendar.

Sound Lab Manitoba is also going to bring Live music to venues throughout south east Manitoba, and also allow for local talent to perform on the same stage to gain confidence and inspire future musicians and production specialists.

If you are interested in being a Guest facilitator for one of our workshops in south eastern Manitoba please email me to begin discussing our plans. If you are an instructor and wish to be part of our team please contact me




Where Can You Find It?

Sound Lab St. Pierre Jolys

Address: 432 Rue Joubert, Cabane a sucre, Saint-Pierre-Jolys

We will running programs through Rat River rec and holding drop in at Musee St. Pierre convent.
JAN 2019 TO MARCH 2019

Who Can You Contact?

Season Kirkwood

Address: Sound Lab Manitoba, BOX 26, OTTERBURNE

Phone: 4319977875

Rural music program
Event coordinator

Who Supports This?

Rat River Recreation


The Rat River Recreation Commission was founded in 1996. The commission is funded by three government bodies: The Rural Municipality of
De Salaberry, The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys, and the Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism. Our purpose is to use the delivery
of public recreation services to further the growth and development of the communities and individuals

Musee St. Pierre Jolys


US Built in 1900, this building was a teaching convent owned by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. It served as a public school for grades 1 to 10 and as a girls' boarding school for 60 years.

Visit a traditional classroom complete with a mannequin wearing a nun's period habit. View the parlour, which served as a reception area for the guests, the chapel, Mother Superior's small bedroom, along with photos and artefacts from the community and surrounding area.

This historic convent is a reminder of our heritage and serves to recognize the important contribution made by the Sisters in the development of the village of St-Pierre-Jolys and surroundings. The building was declared a provincial heritage site in 1989.

On the museum grounds are also located the "Cabane d'mon oncle Armand", Sugar-Shack, and the Goulet House - "Maison Goulet".