Inner City Outreach Program

Coalition for Music Education (Toronto)


The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts believes everyone deserves a musical education and has been fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue that philosophy. The MCMA facilitates outreach programs, designed to provide music instruction opportunities to children and youth facing economic and social barriers. In most cases, without the MCMA, none of our Winnipeg partner schools would have a music program. These programs are designed to offer music instruction in a safe and friendly environment that allows students the opportunity to grow as musicians.

About The Program

Inner City Strings Programs - offers weekly violin and fiddle lessons to students at Strathcona and William Whyte Schools. All courses are provided free of charge and instruments are provided. Inner City Guitar Programs - offers weekly guitar lessons at Wi Wabibooni and Eagle Circle Schools All courses are provided free of charge and instruments are provided. Valour Rock Band Instruction - Tuesdays and Thursdays starting January 14th,2013offers free music instruction to youth age 7-14. Orioles Community site. Students work with local singer/songwriter and all around musician Lindsey White. Participants receive instruction on a variety of instruments (guitar, drums, keyboard), vocals and songwriting. This program runs 2 days a week; Tuesday & Thursday from 4:oo-6:00p.m. Bannatyne Afterschool Program - The Bannatyne After School Program provides private music lessons for children living in poverty in Winnipeg. The students pay a nominal fee of $3.75 a lesson with the remaining lesson cost subsidized by the MCMA. On Average our faculty charge $50 per hour for instruction.

Where Can You Find It?

Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

Address: 1B01 Bryce Hall (University of Winnipeg), 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Wi Wabibooni School (Victoria Albert School)

Address: 346 - 348 Cumberland Avenue, Winnipeg

Wi Wabigooni is an elementary school program of Winnipeg School Division, affiliated with Rossbrook House. It is an off-site classroom for aboriginal students in Grades 3-6 who thrive in a small environment/community. The program is administered as a classroom of Victoria Albert School. Services from the Child Guidance Clinic are available.

Eagle's Circle (Hugh John MacDonald School)/Rossbrook House

Address: 658 Ross Avenue, Winnipeg

Strathcona School

Address: 233 McKenzie Street, Winnipeg

William Whyte School

Address: 200 Powers Street, Winnipeg

Valour - Orioles Community Centre

Address: 444 Burnell Street, Winnipeg

Who Can You Contact?

Jacqueline Harding

Address: Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Art, 1B01 Bryce Hall, 515 Portage Avenue, At the University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

Phone: 204.943.6090

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