Music For All Alliance Steering Committee

Call for new members - please contact us if you are interested in joining a committee! Opportunities for membership outreach, fundraising, governance are open now. 

Next Meeting Date

TBA - February 2019

Committee Members

Carol Finlay

Kurt Tittlemier

Brent Johnson

Lindsey White


​Music for All Alliance (MFAA) acknowledges and thanks Beryl Peters & Ray Hope

Beryl Peters has dedicated many hours to the MFAA and was our main contact person at the Manitoba Government. She was involved in the original funding of the project website and gave reports at meetings, always bringing encouragement to the committee. Since Beryl has moved into a different role, it is no longer in her pervue to be on the MFAA committee. We thank her for all her work and lovely positive support!

We would like to thank Ray Hope for five years of dedicated service to the MFAA steering committee. Ray is a founding member who has been instrumental in the branding and website building processes, as well as planning and executing events and attending countless meetings. 

We wish Ray all the best as he moves on to focus more on his growing family as a new grandfather, his career and climbing, a pastime that he enjoys very much! 

Thank you Ray! It's people like you who make a difference!


Gerald Villegas and Ian Gerbrandt, Founding MFAA Members

Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council, 2012

Music for All Alliance Gathering at the Concert Hall, 2012